“Simple guide with 10 tools needed to do kick-ass keyword research. Keyword research is useful to attract organic traffic to your blog.” 

Finding keywords is super important if you are looking for ways to attract new readers to your blog. As someone who works in content marketing and SEO learning how to do keyword research has been a great experience for me to learn to apply to my blogging efforts. I decided to list the tools I use to find keywords for my blog.

8 Free Tools For Keyword Research

  1. Google Keyword Planner– This tool is free when you sign up for AdWords. An AdWords account is also free. You do not need to actually run a campaign to get access to this tool. I love this one because I am frankly, the most familiar with it.

With this tool, you can easily see search trends and suggestions for other keywords. If you attach your analytics account, you can also see where you might currently rank for this word.

2. Keyword Spy– For an alternative to Google’s keyword research tool, try keyword spy. I personally do not use it, because again, I use Adwords, but if you do not wish to set up an account, try this alternative with similar features.

3.  SEMrush- SEMrush is a great tool to go deeper into keyword analytics. This is with a paid account, but the free account has many suggestions as well.

4. SEO BookSEO Book is a nice keyword research tool that has a lot of functionality. You can also get information for Bing and Google. That was something I thought was interesting since there are definitely people still using Bing.

5. SpyFu- Easy to use all around tool for PPC and SEO keyword research

6. Ubersuggest– Another simple tool that is easy to use and a great alternative to Adwords

7. Wordstream’s Free Keyword Tool- I look to use wordstream for all things PPC, but they do have a free keyword research tool that would come in handy for SEO purposes. Click here to access.

8. MOZ- Keyword research tool– Last but certainly not least, is the keyword research tool for finding keywords. Not only do they have suggestions, they give you SERP analysis. This basically means who is on the first page of the search results. This includes title &URL, Page authority and domain authority.


If you want to step your blog game up, learning how to do keyword research is an important part of getting organic traffic to your site. I hope this helps, and I plan to share anything I learn in my day job to help you out for you website!