As the year comes to a close, there are so many things I have gone over in my mind on what I would like to get out of the next year. There are so many things I have learned in 2016 that I finally want to put into place going forward in 2017 and beyond.


My 2016 Vision Board

This year was the first full year of living back in the United States. It has been interesting reacclimating myself to a new place, new state, and people.. I really wanted to get a career going in digital marketing, I wanted to travel a bit, and I wanted to get my own place and save a bit of money. I actually made a vision board about it, and managed to make everything that I want happen (sans the trip to the African continent). I went to Mexico, Asheville, California, up to D.C., New Orleans, and Florida.

I plan to make another vision board this year and new goals that I wish to accomplish for the coming months. I think vision boards work, but you actually need a plan to set in motion the things you wish to accomplish. I definitely want to keep travelling but there are a few more things I wanted to do. In order to get ready for the new year, I figured I would start with some activities to clear the energy from the past year in order to have a clean slate.

Smudging my home (with sage)

Juice fast ( 1 weekend a month)

Detoxing my diet ( no more fast food)

Vision Board/ Planning

Meditation/ Self- Care

Exercise– I already exercise 5 days a week but now I plan to do more rigorous moves this year.

I had more but I decided to keep those to myself and to share my more detailed intentions with my partner and myself, however, I felt cleansing all the bad energy from 2017 would help me get started. What are your goals for 2017?