4 Vegan Carrot Recipes ( I Want to Try)

I was getting lost on Pinterest, and I happened upon some interesting carrot recipes.  I eat my fair share of carrots, or really I juice them every morning, but I rarely do cook them. I do not like carrot cake either, so I really just have not put them in my universe to cook them. That all ends soon, I hope, with these recipes I found. Check them out, I am so stoked about them!

1. Carrot Hot Dog

I am really looking forward to trying this unique carrot recipe. I mean who even thought of this in the first place? I found this recipe from Liete’s Culinaria. This looks so cool. Also, a great recipe to have for the summer.

carrot recipes

Courtesy Liete Culinaria

2. Carrot Bacon

I typically use Tempeh to get that bacon taste that I sometimes crave, but this is a new recipe I would like to try. Looks really simple too! I found this carrot bacon recipe at Yum Some.

carrot bacon recipe

Courtesy of Yum Some

3. Carrots In a Blanket

I was never really a fan of those little hot dogs they use for pigs in a blanket, but I think I would try this recipe. I found this at the Neurotic Mommy.  I am still trying to figure out where to find a vegan puff pastry.

Courtesy of the Neurotic Mommy

4. Carrot and Potato Cakes

This recipe I found with Little Grazers, and while it’s not exactly vegan, you can always swap the chicken stock for the vegetable stock.  I think these are certainly cute snack food for games and such.

carrot and potato cakes

Courtesy of Little Grazers

These look so yummy. I can’t wait to make my own versions. Please like/share/comment!