I am from a place called Riverside California. This is about 50 miles west of Los Angeles. Riverside is a small mostly working class city. When we were children, my Father, who loved the outdoors would drag us away from the TV every so often, and take us out to hike, ride bikes, or to just simply play. I loved those moments with my siblings, and the sense of accomplishment that I felt when we would get to the top of the mountain ( we hike Mt. Rubidoux on occasion). While I would not consider myself an outdoorsy type, I am really trying to learn more about being outdoors and how to enjoy nature, because I always feel great when I am walking in the woods. This time we went for a walk in the Duke Woods in Durham, North Carolina, and it was a lovely short hike.

5 Reasons Why I Love Nature Walks

1. The Color Green Stimulates Your Heart Chakra

I have been reading so much about Chakras, which are energy centers around your body. Green is the color of love and transformation, so seeing all the green around you can help to stimulate and open your heart chakra. Opening this chakra can help you radiate love from within. You will be more compassionate, loving and will have more balanced relationships. Cool right?! All of that just from walking through the forest?

2. You Can Get in Shape

This hike was a short one at only 3 miles. I run about 1 mile per day, and I was a little tired at the end of it. My boyfriend likes to run this trail, which I personally think I will die if I attempted to do on my own. Any physical activity regularly will definitely help you keep your weight down, and walking in nature definitely helps add some spice to my workouts.

3. Helps to Calm Me

I love to just walk around and be in the moment in the forest, or on a hike. This can be very calming for me. My main focus is not what I have to do at my job, or my family, or my future or past decisions, I am just focused on breathing and walking and listening for any animals so I can run just in case.

4. No TV

I own a TV that my boyfriend insisted I have in my apartment, I do not have cable. I don’t do a lot of online streaming unless it’s a documentary or a cartoon. I do love some great adult cartoons out there. My fav right now being Brad Neely’s Harg Nallin’ Sclopio Peepio. That show is hilarious. Going for a walk, you are forcing yourself to unplug. In this case, we had to talk to each other with no distractions. No booze, no sports games, no Simpsons. I love this time were we talk, ask questions, and share ideas while enjoying the sounds of nature.

5. Get Close to Nature

I am always complaining to my boyfriend about how I feel Americans from the States are just so disconnected from Nature, and the rest of the World. Seems like that might be by design, but it still annoys me. I have a friend who genuinely had NO idea what real garlic looked like. We are inside all day at our jobs, we go to a grocery store for most of our food, we are not really encouraged to go run and play outside. It seems that is what only children do. Getting close to nature helps me remember what I am apart of as a person on this Earth. I am connected to this planet.

Thank your reading, and do yourself a favor and go for a walk in the forest. Please like/share/comment-