This is my first time gardening. I have killed so many plants, I was very concerned about it this time. I read online, I talked to the guy at home depot a lot, I talked to other people who had successful gardens, and I spent a lot of time on social media looking at other people’s gardens. I took the plunge, bought my materials, and started. While my raised bed is doing bad, all the herbs that I planted on my own are doing really well!

1.Cutting corners with my garden

I started using seed sheets. It looked easy enough, but I have to admit, they started off fine, but then just kind of petered out later. I did go on vacation, and I used a watering system, but they simply never matured. The plants I have planted on my own, are doing just fine. I guess I was just using it wrong.

My seed sheet bucket

Raised bed seed sheets

2. Not watering enough

I have now figured it out, but even when I was in town, it seems that I just didn’t water my plants enough. I am still trying to figure out which levels, but I really needed to be home more often, or get a better watering system.

Close up on the garden

3. Not using plant food

I thought all I had to do was water, but it seems you do need plant food. I was cutting corners again. Now, after I clip these plants, and put some new soil, I will make sure to add plant food for my fall crops.

4. The position of my raised bed

My raised bed gets too much shade. I wanted my couch in the sun, and thought, that should be enough, but that is definitely NOT the case. I will move that on the next time around.

5. Not conditioning my soil

Not only do your plants need food, so does your soil. I am still trying to figure out a compost solution for my balcony that won’t bother my neighbors. I figured I would get to that soon. Well. My herbs have survived. My basil, dill, chives, and cilantro seem to be thriving, and I planted some more arugula in a jar just to be on the safe side.

My garden today

My basil


My dill

I am still learning, and I hope to learn more about growing food so that I can actually harvest something some day.


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