Hey Guys,

I have really been trying to incorporate more raw food and salads into my vegan diet, and I finally found a quick way to prepare some meals. I bought a spiralizer! The next step was to find a few recipes. Here were some that I found to be absolutely delicious!

5 Vegan Spiralizer Recipes I Want To Try

  1. Asian Sesame Cucumber Salad- This salad I found over at Will Cook For Friends looks so delicious and easy to make.

Courtesy of Will Cook for Food


2. Zucchini Noodle Cashew Stir Fry- Found this recipe from Table for Two. Looks delicious.

Courtesy of table for two

3. Sweet Potato Noodle Salad- I have been wondering how to incorporate more sweet potatoes into my diet, and this will work. Found this recipe from This Savory Vegan.

Courtesy of the savory vegan

4. Healthy Oil- Free Baked Curly Fries- I am wondering if my spiralizer can do this. I bought a smaller version, but I would love to try this recipe from The Big Man’s World. 

Courtesy of the big mans world


5.  Zucchini Noodles in Lemon Cream Sauce- This one I am sure will be a hit with the boyfriend. He loves pasta, but no longer eats it because it’s so full of carbs. I found this recipe at Simply Quinoa. 

Courtesy of Simply Quinoa

These spiralizer recipes have me super excited to get started. If you are looking for a place to buy, go find one via Amazon Mine was cheap and came really fast. I hope you love them too! Please like and share!