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Author Bio: Angela Rizzo is an coffee addicted and under compensated mom to who can frequently be found reading and and writing in her downtime on her blog at butfirstcoffeemom.

When it comes to having a minimalist design home there are no hard set rules. There will be lots of examples showing how other people have created theirs, but for everyone you see, there will be plenty of other ideas that have not been developed. You do not have to copy what other people do, but it often helps to look at what they have done and then adapt it to suit your needs.

It will be best not to rush into this head on especially if you have been accumulating belongings for some time. You could start with the room that you spend the most time in and then move around the house room by room until you have a totally minimalist design. Once the first room has been completed you should know your limits.

If it has been easy to get rid of many of your belongings then the rest of the house should be easy, but if you struggled with that, then it may be best to have a room that will not be totally minimalist, but will be somewhere that you can store the things that you have become attached to.

Once you have dealt with the personal items, it is time to start on the furniture and this should not be as difficult. Decide if any of this will be suitable for minimalist design in the house and if it is too big and bulky arrange for it to be removed. Ideally you should replace the furniture you got rid of with smaller items and not as many items. It is accepted that the furniture has to be comfortable and functional, but replace as few items as you have to and try to get items that will not take up a lot of space. They may not be as popular as they used to be but a nest of tables is the ideal thing for a living room – functional but not taking up a lot of space.

Soon you will learn what is essential and what is not. As long as you are not strapped for cash it will be advisable to get rid of as much as possible and then if it was too much you can replace the items that should not have been let go. If you are really unsure that you can settle in a minimalist design home then you could rent storage space for a couple of months and keep some things there.

Safety As Well As Style with Minimalist Design

A good way to start clearing the home is to take everything off the floor. Not only can things such as magazine racks and footstools be a trip hazard but they can prevent the room being clutter free. The same applies to shelves and surfaces. Not every square inch needs to have something on it, but it will be much better to have fewer but good quality items. Paintings can be collectibles and are often passed down from generation to generation, but even if they are heirlooms, there is no need to have every single one showcased.

The modern way of life is leading us towards a minimalist design at home as many items are getting smaller – computers, sound systems, practically everything except TVs. DVDs and CDs are easier to store than their predecessors and even books don’t have to take up much space thanks to the Kindle and the likes of it.

Blinds really come into their own in a minimalist home, as they can be functional and not get in the way. Having thick curtains may be necessary in the winter when you need to keep the heat in, but during the summer they can join many other items in storage – out of sight and out of mind. When you are taking the curtains down for the summer, you could have a look around all of the rooms and see if there is anything else that can go away. It can be a big shock to remove too much at once, but if it is done in stages, you will hardly noticing some things going.

The minimalist home can be the most relaxing place in the world. The less you have the less you can lose or break, and the more room there will be for the things you really want around you and you still have minimalist design.

Author Bio: Angela Rizzo is an coffee addicted and under compensated mom to who can frequently be found reading and and writing in her downtime on her blog at butfirstcoffeemom.