I am a fighter, a wanderer, a well-traveled soul, and an awakened heart. I wish to share my experiences with you.

Who Am I?

Wholeness and Light! My name is Kimberly Butler, and I was born and raised in California.  I work in digital marketing, and I have a BA in Business Economics and an MBA with a focus on small business. I have had an interesting journey so far. I have been to over 22 countries, and I have lived abroad for 4 years in Berlin, Germany. Faced with the reality that I had to return to the States, I wanted to document my journey of being a former expat, as well as the repatriation process. I have now switched gears and focused on the person I wish to become. This process has been interesting for me as I am taking so many classes to become the best integrative health professional I can be with an emphasis on natural healing methods.

What is this Blog About?

I created this blog to educate and inspire other people who are interesting in

  • Gardening in small spaces


  • Vegan Recipes

  • Natural Remedies- Hair and Herbs

  • Fitness

  • Alternative Health Methods- Reiki, Massage, Crystal healing, sound healing, reflexology, etc.

  • Sex Positive Topics-

I hope you enjoy the blog and are inspired to find your passions in life-

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