Who am I?


I am Kimberly, owner of Kim Blogs! Thank you for visiting my site. I started this blog back in 2016, after returning from being abroad in Germany. I had a blog there called Black Girl in Berlin where I talked about the daily struggles and wins of being a Black American living in Germany. When I had to come back, I kept thinking, I should start a new blog. Blogging is a log more competitive in the States, so I was worried if I would stand out. I found out that I loved several things and could not nail myself down to one niche. 

I was born in the State of California, but I left back in 2010. I grew up in a small city called Riverside, in Southern California. After high school, I went to Long Beach State and completed my bachelors of arts in Business Economics. Subsequently, I went on to obtain a Master’s of Business Administration, with a focus in entrepreneurship from Keller Graduate School.  I worked in finance until the crash of 2008, and decided to start traveling after I was laid off. I started off in the Americas, and decided to venture to Europe with a friend in 2010. 



Be Awesome!

I hope you can follow me on my journey so that I can inspire you to be awesome from the inside and out. I believe that eating the right foods, meditation, and getting fit is so important to living a full life that is also in tune with the natural world around us. What does that mean? Using less trash, getting away from harmful chemicals, and eating what comes from the Earth without the need for process foods. 

Get ready to Rock!

As this blog grows, I hope to incorporate different classes, recipes, meditation techniques, and whatever else I learn on my way to achieving and maintaining balance. Thank you for visiting!  


Young in a new world

While abroad, I learned so much about who I really was and how to stay true to that discovery. I started eating better, working out, and went “natural.” I wanted to continue that experience with figuring out who I am.  I met so many fascinating people from all around the world. It certainly changed my perspective. Before, all I cared about was making money, spending money, and buying things I did not need. 

Life is about living

For a long time, I knew I was not living the life I felt I was meant to have. I decided to get some therapy, and start on a journey of self discovery. Now I realize what I love in life is life itself. I love living the fullest life I can. I love to cook, I love to garden, I love finding new ways to do my locs, and I certainly love to travel!