African Goddess Coloring Book

Hey Guys,

I have been working on something last few months, and I am finally finished. This is my African Goddess Coloring Book! I love to color and I was searching on amazon one day, and noticed there weren’t any that were specifically talking about this topic.  I am glad I have been able to create this African Goddess Coloring Book that is on sale now. Each goddess has an explanation of the origin story of each goddess, and where I could find colors, I have added the recommended colors of each goddess.

Coloring books at aren’t for kids anymore. I see many adults coloring, and there is definitely an interest. Coloring can help with relaxation, decompressing from a long day, and can stimulate your inner child. It’s a great way to kind of mentally check out, while you focus on things to color. I find it to be rather calming.


For the record, I am not an artist. I actually paid artists to create these images for me.

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Inside of the book

I hope you guys can support it. The book is small but I just wanted to have something to share with people who have interests in coloring and learning about African deities. I admit, I learned a lot. I had not heard of most of these women before!

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Thank you