Hey folks,

The year is coming to a close, and I wanted to share with you a new feature of my website. Progress reports. Sometimes, I fAind that it has been difficult knowing my true expenses and what I am spending on this blog. I work full time in digital marketing, however, I find it difficult to approach this blog like a product or service. Now, I am working to change that. I would like to hold myself accountable for what I am spending, and doing, in order to grow.

This is my progress report for August. This is where I will start. One can find their traffic since their inception, but I feel this was the first time, I really started to make headway. Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. I am learning that most people aren’t reading what you write anyways. Video content will be the new thing this year, and mobile searches are now outpacing desktop searches. This means I certainly need to incorporate using my youtube channel, creating compelling video content, and making sure my website is mobile optimized.

August Goals For Blogging

  • Posting schedule- Still looking
  • Social media post scheduling- Started
  • Researching food photography
  • Increasing Pinterest reach- started
  • Growing traffic

I needed to get on a schedule, so I am looking around for ways to have an online calendar. I don’t want to waste paper. At work, I use trello. I am considering using this for my personal blog since I know my way around trello. I also have now started using the Later app to schedule my Instagram posts. I need to find a good scheduler for Pinterest. I have been hearing about Tailwinds, but I need to learn how to use it. I have also been scouring youtube for help on how to take better photos of food. I have found some free resources but it appears I have to pay for a class.


Above is my traffic for August compared to July. I was down with sessions, users, and page views, but my percent of new sessions was up and average session duration also increased. It appears that while less traffic came to my site, new people found my site, and more people were reading my posts.

Blog Income for August-

African Goddess Coloring Book– $12.88

Etsy Store- $ 1.54

Google Adsense- I have decided to only include pay outs

Blog Expenses

WordPress hosting – $9.95


  • New theme design
  • Content
  • Food photography course
  • Buy new camera lens

So while I am making more than what I am spending. My income remains low as well as my traffic. Looking forward to next month.