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I have been a tad bit busy with a trip back home (To California) where I finally able to track down this Beyond Meat burger. Someone on Instagram was raving about it. They were a meat eater and they were smitten with the taste and texture of the “meat.” I have tried the crumbles from the same brand, but I had never heard of this. I was super skeptical too, given that I can make a good vegan burger on my own and I have tried the fake meats before and they are largely just awful. This was NOT the case, so after I tried it, I wanted to give you some reasons to try this product.

3 Reasons To Try The Beyond Meat Burger

    1. It is a great source of protein-

      According to the website, the beyond meat burger “packs 20 g of plant-based protein!” For the misinformed, all sources of protein come from plants. We eat the animals that eat the plants, which is how we get our protein. Please watch “What the Health” if you have not already.

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  1. It’s vegan and soy- free-

    My partner who is newly vegan hates soy-based products. I understand. Soy is not really good for you, I have discovered. This burger is not soy based so those folks who avoid soy can still eat this burger without the guilt.

  2. Easy to pronounce ingredients-

    Here is the ingredients list straight from the website:Soy and pea protein isolates: Protein isolates are used in foods like baby formula to provide the highest amount of clean plant protein possible.

    Amaranth: Amaranth is an ancient grain originally used by the Mayans and Inca. It is gluten-free.

    Vegan flavor: Our proprietary chicken & beef flavoring is plant-based and plain tasty. It contains no added MSG or gluten and is 100% vegan.

    Soy and carrot fiber: These fibers are GMO-free.

    Expeller-pressed canola oil: This is the cleanest form of canola oil. It’s free of saturated fat and extracted without chemicals.

    Dipotassium phosphate: Dipotassium Phosphate is a water-soluble salt and is a common source of potassium.

    Titanium dioxide: Our food-grade Titanium dioxide is a naturally-occurring mineral that helps us to really look like chicken. Part of the wonderful “eating” sensory experience is undoubtedly visual and if it didn’t look like meat you might not think it is meat. In our pursuit to get people to keep eating meat — but plant based meat — we think this is a critical part of the mission.

    Caramel coloring: Beyond Meat only uses Class I (specifically Class I – E150a) caramel coloring that is ammonium & sulfite free.

    Yeast extract: The inclusion of the natural ingredient yeast extract in our meat is a key addition to the flavoring given that it brings a unique profile of 20 amino acids, which provide not only a savory meat taste but benefits in high protein, low fat, vegetarian, non-allergenic, etc. Glutamic acid is one of the 20 amino acids found naturally in yeast extract and found in abundance in plants, animals, etc., and is a building block for proteins. Note that Glutamic acid is not MSG. MSG is synthetically made up of L-glutamic acid and other impurities and differs significantly from the glutamic acid found in yeast extract. We do not use MSG.

I was super happy to finally find this burger, and we were able to find it and I can’t wait to buy it in the store. Go to their website for more information.