“Easy to make yummy chia pudding for when you have a sweets craving. I love strawberries, and this is a new recipe for me. I hope you enjoy!”

Chia Pudding w/ Strawberries

Hey folks,

I hope you are doing well wherever you are in the world.  I made chia pudding this week. I was on the forks over knives website looking at their meal plans.  I still had a ton of chia seeds left over that my mom bought me, and it was breakfast time. I didn’t feel like making pancakes, so I took this recipe and ran with it. I already had all the ingredients at home, so making the chia pudding was super convenient for me to make.

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This recipe was super easy to make. My only drawback was that it takes an hour to make, so if you are hungry, I would suggest making a snack while you wait for this. It’s definitely a snack you have to plan for in this case.  Apparently, this is how it will get it’s consistency.

Chia seeds seem to be all the rage right now, at least from my point of view. They are rich in antioxidants and provide fiber, iron and calcium.  You can read more about that here. I am still getting used to the taste. I normally use chia seeds in my juices, but I haven’t tried too many other ways. This was my first time, and it came out ok.  I think I really thought it would be sweeter, but it was rather bland. I feel I must be too addicted to sugary things.