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15 Ways to Eliminate Unnecessary Stress

This weeks printable with the life coach was very timely for me. I have been under stress for some time, and have been adjusting to life in a new country, albeit my home country, and a new State. Stress happens to the best of us, but she gave me some tools on how to eliminate stress that may be unnecessary. I wanted to share what she gave me.

1. Remember nobody is perfect- Including you

Sometimes people want perfection in their relationship with their partner, or whoever they are having a relationship with. I have learned that no one is perfect. So, I should do a better job at remembering that. It helps with disappointment.

2. Things change- expect it.

There are times when I wanted desperately for things to stay the same, and I realize that I have to give up that need to control things, and realize things change.  I cannot control that change, but I can accept the fact.

3. Talk Less, Listen More.

This one is pretty self explanatory.

4. Enjoy the moment.

My coach/therapist gave me a great tip. Whatever I am doing, just take 5 breaths and then go back to doing it. It really helps to ground myself, and live in that moment.

5. Choose your thoughts wisely.

I try my best to choose to stay positive, and calm. It seems to rub some of my more extrovert friends the wrong way, but I choose my thoughts wisely, and I wish to stay in that state the most.

6. Accept people for the way they are, not the way you are.

I have to realize that people will not process information the same, and that people are who they are. No matter how wrong I may feel they might be.

7. Keep things simple and uncomplicated.

I try to keep my place and life uncomplicated. I try not to “need” a lot of stuff. This helps me get rid of a lot of unnecessary stress. I don’t need a new bag, shoes, or material possessions. I have what I need.

8. Recognize what you can’t control and let it go.

There are times that no matter what I do, the same outcome (the one I did not want) continues to happen. Sometimes as much as that hurts, I have realize I cannot control this and let it go.

9. Avoid negative people.

This one is pretty self explanatory. It can be harder for me, because I love to help people, but now I am getting to a point where I am avoiding negative people.

10. Know your limitations and say “no” more often.

I learned this when I met two people who used to say no to me all the time. I really wanted to get this scooter thing, and I really wanted this person to drive me there to pick it up. They told me a flat no. I was pissed, but I realized, hey they just did not want to do it, and if I am in that situation, I can also say no.. if I simply didn’t want to do that.

11. Learn to meet your own needs.

Stop looking for other people to meet your needs. This is so important. Make sure you can get what you need done. Although, I feel I am also not afraid to ask for help.

12. Stop thinking tomorrow will be a better day. Make today better.

I have friends who constantly say.. when I do this, then I will be happy. They do not consider that right now, they can absolutely choose to be happy.

13. Recognize the importance of unconditional love.

Love people because you love to love.. I try not to set conditions on whether someone deserves love. People reserve this for only family, but I am learning to extend this to all humans.

14. Separate the trivial from the significant.

I was recently arguing with someone, and they finally told me they were mad at me for something I found to be so trivial, I had to laugh for a second. I thought to myself, this is a moment, I should look and make sure that I am prioritizing what is important and what isn’t to focus on the significant.

15. Laugh, daydream, and take time to play.

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