Why Write Blog Income Reports

I started doing blog income reports so that I could get an accurate perception of what my income was from my blogging efforts, and optimize for more income. It’s been an interesting year!

I wrote a book, I started an etsy shop, and I am getting more traffic to my blog (awesome!)

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What I have come to realize is that actually using the tools I have learned from blogging pay off when you are consistently getting good content to those who want it!

Blog Income Year 2017

This isn’t exactly accurate given that I was taking my Amazon payouts via gift certificate. I finally stopped that and opted to have the money sent to my bank account.  I can see that later in the year, after an investment in a new camera lens, I was able to get better pictures and more people coming to my blog.


  • Amazon Affiliates: $59.04
  • Etsy Shop: $19.75

Total Gross Income: $78.74

This is a little low in comparison to the last month, but I still managed to make a profit

Blog Expenses:




Net Income: $33.12

Blog Traffic

My traffic has grown exponentially given my adoption of tailwind. I am definitely going to buy this when my free trial is over. I was shocked to see the jump in traffic based off of Pinterest.


Well, I am still going to keep going and trying to make more of a profit this year, and I am excited about it. I still have yet to make goals, but I have plenty of posts to come!