I have been living a vegan lifestyle for over a year now. I have never felt better. I am in the best shape of my life, and I am rarely sick. The biggest complaint I get from other people, especially people in my age group (early 30’s) is that being a vegan is really expensive. I honestly do not understand how they could think that way. I inform them that I spend about $50-$60 per week on food. I also go to an “expensive” grocery store too where I buy organic fruits and veggies all the time. Let me be clear. I am the only person in my household. I do not have any kids, so it will definitely be more, if there are more of you. I decided to give some of my tips for eating vegan food on the cheap.

How I Eat Vegan On a Budget

  1. I  try my best not to buy packaged foods- Being away from the States, I started to miss things like ranch dressing, or sweet potato pie, or sticky buns. I began making everything from scratch. Now, that I have been back, I have continued. The taste of store bought ranch is disgusting to me, and I make as much as I can, as well as other sauces.  You spend a lot of money buying packaged food. It’s best to just try to learn how to make your favorites and go from there.

    Guacamole all done and ready

    2. I meal prep- Meal Prepping helps me save time and money. Every week I figure out two recipes for dinner and lunch and then plan my weeks. I do not plan down to snacks because I like to feel that I am mixing it up from time to time. It also helps me not to try to sneak in some fast food.

    3. Buy the store brand- If I have to buy something in a package, I also get the store brand. My store has organic items for far cheaper than their name brand counterparts. I try to just go as cheap as possible in that regard.

4.Learn to cook- I cannot stress this enough. As one millennial to another, for some reason, we do not cook. My mother stressed to me how much I should cook, and taught us how to make mostly everything from scratch. I also know how to read. If you can read, you can follow a recipe. With cooking, you can control more of the process, and get the taste you want. I live in Atlanta. There are not a ton of vegan options, and many are very expensive sometimes. Cooking can help you cut down on going out to eat all the time wasting money for some vegan food that you might not like.

5. Buy in bulk- When I need to buy things like nuts or fruit, I try to buy as much as possible. I juice but I don’t really do smoothies, otherwise, I would buy frozen veggies in bulk, but I prefer fresh. I have no issues going back to the grocery store a few times a week if I have to. I try not to buy everything all at the same time.

I hope this helps you in your journey to eating cleaner. Remember to like and share!