I love to use essential oils for my natural remedies, they are great not only for your diffuser but for body wash, scrubs, even for toothaches. I was using some essential oil for a toothache I had last week. Before I broke down and went to the dentist, I decided to use some peppermint and tea tree oil on my tooth. It totally works if you are wondering, but I ended up rubbing my eyes. My eyes instantly swelled up, and I ran to the bathroom to rinse my eyes with water and learned another lesson about essential oil safety.

Essential Oil Safety

  1. Keep essential oils away from the eyes and your eye area.
  2. Keep a carrier oil such as olive oil, or coconut oil in your house when using essential oils to wipe if needed.
  3. Do not rub your eyes when you handle essential oils.
  4. Do not put essential oils in your ear. You can rub around the ear, however.
  5. If you do get essential oils in your eye use a carrier oil and cotton ball or cloth to remove and dilute the oil.
  6. Do not use water to remove the oil as it will simply move the oil around and cause more swelling.


essential oil safety

The swelling went down but it definitely was still very itchy

Skin Testing Essential Oils

You should always test your essential oil on your skin before use. You should test the bottom on your feet, as it is recommended to be the safest place. Other locations include inside the arm. One should allow 10-15 minutes to judge whether or not it is safe to use.

Essential Oil Safety for Children

Keep essential oils away from children in case they might drink them.  Here are some tips for essential oil safety with children:

  1. Have the child drink cream/ coconut milk/almond milk or some sort of liquid that is oil soluble if they swallow the oil.
  2. Perform a skin test before using an oil.
  3. Check if the oil is safe to use on children before use.
  4. Do no use an oil with menthol (peppermint oil for example) on babies younger than 2.5 years or younger.



Essential oils are awesome for their uses, but make sure you use them safely or you can go through it and learn some lessons like I did, lol. Thanks for reading. Please like/share/comment.