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After the Election, The Struggle Continues

The U.S Election is over, and the results shocked the world. I admit, I was shocked at the result as well. While I could write a ton on my grievances with both the parties, and the political system at large, but I would rather focus on what I can do now.

I am working to achieve and maintain balance from the inside out. This lifestyle also helps, I believe, the world around me. I eat vegan food, which helps saves animals and the environment due to industrial farming. I meditate, I go to therapy, I work out 6 days a week, and I try to buy and shop as little as possible. If I do consume, I try to be as mindful about it as possible.  Mindful of what exactly? My actions and how they affect those around me. This includes all animals.  I read and try to educate myself. I read a book a month. I have always been a voracious reader. I try to learn and grow each day.

After this election, I figure I should continue to do what I am doing but to step my game up to speak and get out there and start getting involved in my community. I currently reside in Atlanta. This city has some of the highest rates of income inequality, a huge homeless problem, including a racism problem. I wanted to see now after this election if there was anything more I could do besides voting in my community. Some of my causes are, of course, environmental sustainability, access to healthy and fresh food, women’s health, and homelessness. I have volunteered all my life. My father ran a non-profit while I was in high school for addiction, I tutored kids in high school, I continued into college. I have volunteered to help women in regards to sexual issues, and I have volunteered at a local farm here in Atlanta. I have also protested here and in Berlin.

Each month, I would like to volunteer at an organization that suits my interests. This month I have contacted my local station WRFG for volunteer opportunities, Fulton County, and I have started donating to Planned Parenthood as a sustainer. Every month, I would like to try a new cause or bring awareness to how one gets involved in their community. This is just my start. I don’t earn a ton of money, but I want to try. This is my way to protest, to get involved, and to be the change I want to see.

What are some ways you will get out there and participate after this historic election?

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