Finding a new hobby as an adult can be difficult. We are often busy with just maintaining the basics, it can be hard to actually start and really get into a new hobby. There are so many things I would like to do: travel, cook more, workout more, make candles, make incense, but I tend to do a little bit and then stop. Gardening, for me, has seemed to stick.

Spinach growing from seed

Patio gardens were all over my pinterest. I knew that I had wanted access to fresh food, and this would be the best way to do it. I started reading gardening blogs, and then found some resources to get started.  One of the first things to do when you are trying to find a hobby is to build on your interests. Fresh food was definitely an interest of mine, plus at that time, I had a ton of time to devote to gardening.

I started with herbs. These were things I used practically every day, and I had grown some before. I felt that starting easy would help me not get discouraged if something died.

Basil, chives, and thyme. All transplants

I also picked up plants like aloe. You really have to try to kill this plant. The thing is, it has almost died before. The leaves were all brown. I added some juice trimmings, and mulch and really watered it more, and it’s gotten so much better!

I have had my set backs. I started with seedsheets, and I failed. Pictured below is some arugula. I tried to grow from seed, and then I put it in a container to actually see if I can grow it. The jury is still out but it’s much bigger than when I had it in the raised bed.

Arugula in a cup

Finding a hobby is also about finding something that excites you and that you know you are interested in. I am excited to get home to check on my plants. I am constantly looking for things to do to make them grow. I am always looking for new gadgets. I love getting my hands dirty.

Cilantro in a cup

I am still working on getting some greens I can take to harvest. My kale and swiss chard had to be moved, and I surely hope those roots stick, but I have to say I love gardening.

Some chives growing

Chives from transplant

Finding a hobby can be really rewarding. To recap:

Finding A Hobby-

  1. Build on your interests
  2. Think about your values
  3. Examine your skill sets
  4. Find and pay attention to things that get you excitement.

What hobbies to take up as an adult?

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