Disclaimer:  I received this product, free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

Infinity Jars: Why I Love Them!

Hey guys! I hope your day is going well. I have been busy lately, getting everything together for my coloring book. Now that I have a moment, I wanted to talk to you about infinity jars. As the disclaimer states, I was sent these jars to review, and I am SOOO happy they chose me! I ordered three different types of jars. The 30ML jar, the 50ML jar, and the 250ML jar. At first, real talk, I had no idea what to do with them. I do use glass jars for meal prepping, but I did not see a use for them in that case since they are not see-through. I thought about using them then for holding lotions and other beauty DIY projects. The one pictured is my coconut oil infused with lavender. If you were curious, I filled the jar with coconut oil and added about 10-15 drops of lavender essential oil to create a natural lotion for when I am on the go.

Coconut oil with lavender essential oils

I kept thinking to myself, what else could I use these jars for. They are described as being air-tight AND made of ultra-violet glass. Honestly, my brain went to herbs! I could keep dried herbs fresh for weeks I thought. So I experimented. I placed the herbs in my jars for a week and took them to work. I could smell the herb placed in there (lavender was used because I live in the South!) but you get what I am trying to explain here.

The herbs held up, so I think I will be using these jars primarily for keeping my herbs dry and fresh 🙂

Lavender herbs in infinity jars

If you are interested, go check out infinity jars here.

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