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So a few weeks ago I went to a meditation class.  The class was really informative and I felt really relaxed and balance afterwards. I have even begun to meditate regularly. Unfortunately, I didn’t think about one thing when it came to meditation: A meditation pillow. I was sitting in that circle for a good 30-35 minutes and my legs fell right asleep. The instructor suggested that we sit in the chair, but I thought, I ain’t new to this, I can sit on the floor. There was an Indian man next to me (who had his pillow) and a hipster looking white guy with a ponytail and beard who I remember mentioned he did Qigong for exercise.  These guys were basically OG’s in the game so to speak by their looks. I wanted to compete. I don’t know why exactly. So I sat on the floor and did the chants. It’s been about two weeks, and my back still hurts. I visited a chiropractor twice, I have done plenty of yoga poses. I am sleeping on the floor of my bedroom and I am getting up and walking/running every day. Well, I already work out rather vigorously, so the other stuff was not that hard.

Sitting for long periods of time can be very unhealthy for your body. I remember I sat for a 12 hour flight and ended up developing a bartholin cyst.  That seems like an extreme case, however, the more I read about sitting all day, the more I think I want to invest in buying some floor pillows. So as my back heals, I started to look around. What were those pillows everyone was sitting on? I needed one and like yesterday. So, I was able to find some great meditation pillows to share with you when you start your own meditation practice. You will need one.

Meditation Pillows I Love:

  1. This one I found one amazon. It’s so cute. I do love the color purple.

Peace Yoga Zafu Meditation Yoga Buckwheat Filled Cotton Bolster Pillow Cushion with Premium Designs – Peacock Purple 16″ x 16″ Inch

2.  This is another one from Yoga Zafu with a paisley print.

Yoga Accessories Round Cotton Zafu Meditation Cushion – Red and Gold

3. This one is a basic floor pillow, I like this one because I can lay down on it if I need to.

Large Indian Meditation Floor Pillow Cover 35″ X 35″ Inch Elephant Mandala


4. This cresent mood shape was also a good option for me if I choose to sit up.

Zafu Crescent: Meditation Pillow with USA Buckwheat Hull Fill, Certified Organic Cotton- 6 Colors (Orange Saffron)

5.  I do love the paisley print pillows, this one is so cute!

Large 32″ Round Pillow Cover, Decorative Mandala Pillow Sham, Indian Bohemian Ottoman Poufs, Pom Pom Pillow Cases, Outdoor Cushion Cover

I love these pillows, and I did go ahead and get one for my own meditation practice. Hopefully, my back will get better faster so I can get back to sitting up. I still meditate but on my back or in a chair for now.

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