Hey Folks,

Hope your week is going well. This week I wanted to make some cookies. I normally stay away from cookies, I have had so much dental work this year, that anything sweet makes me think of my empty pockets, but I overcame that urge and decided to make some vegan sugar cookies. For the record, the cookie itself is entirely vegan. It was the frosting that I was not quite sure about. I read the ingredients, or tried to, and didn’t see any red signs. So if you want them to be completely vegan, you should probably skip the frosting.

Vegan Sugar Cookies

Halloween is coming up and I will probably not celebrate this year. I miss celebrating. I used to have house parties and invite friends over and serve food and drinks. Unfortunately, we have to lay low this year as my partner and I transition into living together. Perhaps next year we can do something to celebrate. I am not much of a baker, but I the recipe is good.