Hey Folks

For my birthday, I was given a 23 and me dna test. I finally got the results back. The process was rather easy. I sent my saliva in through the mail. This isn’t my first time, last year I took the african ancestry test and found out that my mother’s side of the family descended from what is now known as Cameroon.  I was fine with that information, but my mother is constantly talking about our “Cherokee” family member, and how she was at least a quarter Native American. This isn’t new for some Black people to claim this. There were many Black African slaves who ran off and joined several nations. You will see in my results, that this most definitely false.

My Genetic Results

Here are my results of the ancestry portion. I figured no one would care about the full report.

They give a general break down and then dive deeper into each portion. The first was the sub-saharan. I was not shocked here.

The next largest portion was that I am 13% European. That was also not a surprise there given slave history.

The next section was a little bit of a shock, given that both sides of my family claim to have Native American heritage.  They said it was 1.7%. Now if both sides are claiming this, I would imagine it would be higher right? That did not seem to be the case.

The last part was interesting to see.  I wondered how we have some middle eastern/ north african heritage there.

While race is a social construct, there are genetic markers that people have to detect which “group” they may have came from. I believe all humans came from African eventually, so it was not so important for me to know the rest, but I did this for my family.


I appreciate the results that I got from 23andme. I wasn’t really shocked at the results. I think I would love to see the other side of the family. My brother expressed interest in doing a test of his own. I think the only surprise that it stated that I carried a gene that could potentially leave any children I had.. deaf.