Paris was on my bucket list, so when I was invited to go, I jumped at the chance. The city of lights, is the nickname for Paris. I had always been nervous about visiting Paris, due to the stories my French friends would tell me about no one speaking English to you while you were are there. I was also excited to see the Black community of Francophiles. I could not wait to see the fashionable folks walking around from all walks of life. We arrived early in the day and went directly to our hotel Le Meridian near the Arch of Triumph. Luckily, my company spoke some French to at least get to our hotel in one piece. We immediately changed and went to get some authentic French cuisine.

Had the duck and it was amazing



I had to make sure I got to see the spots that everyone visits, the Arch, the Eifel Tower, we did a lot of walking. The city was busy, full of tourist, but everything was gorgeous. The stores, the people, the food. I honestly did not experience any rudeness. I think the biggest thing was that people expected me to speak French, while they didn’t expect for my companion to have those same skills. I do not speak any French, and he does, so people seemed rather confused. I definitely recommend you learn a few words, or go with someone because you will run into a time where no one is going to speak English to you. Having some French friends in the past, they definitely speak English, but they probably will not speak it to you if you just start speaking in English. Do not be rude, learn some words, it will go a long way.

Out getting brunch and people watching