DIY Orange Lavender Sugar Scrub

Natural orange lavender sugar scrub recipe with free printables labels for easy and cheap gift giving! Easy DIY recipe using brown sugar, olive oil, and essential oils…

I was thinking about giving myself a home pedicure and I thought to myself, I wish I could make those neat sugar scrubs I pay so much to use at the nail salon. So I looked some recipes up on Pinterest and found one I wanted to try. I found this DIY orange lavender sugar scrub.

I had all the ingredients at home, which made things easier. I grabbed an extra glass jar and decided to make some labels!

Orange Lavender Sugar Scrub


Lately, I am really feeling like my grandmother who I always referred to as the “Black Martha Stewart” because she used to have so many DIY things she did around my siblings and I when we would visit. I am totally embracing this.

Orange Lavender Sugar Scrub

What I have learned are that the lavender flowers I used to take this picture smell awesome, and I need to come up with uses for those.


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