Peace Fam!

I hope your day is going great. I have one work from home day where I try to catch up on things. This is the day where I cook, take some pictures for the blog. I decided to use one day to organize and clean my fridge. The weather was awful, so there was not much light anyways.

Organizing Your Fridge For Success

Up until about maybe 4 years ago, I was a terribly messy person. I grew up with a Mother who was a neat freak, but my Father lived like he was a teenager. While I would go to his place to help him clean, at home, I would refuse to learn. This was an act of rebellion against my Mother’s belief that I did not learn to cook and clean, I would not find a man. When I left home at 17 for college, I stayed in the dorms for a year, and then got my own place. That is where I started to accumulate a lot of stuff. There was no system of organization, I would simply hide my junk when people came over.

Over the years, I have lived with boyfriends, and they immediately noticed how messy I was. Dating a German who, as a group, can be extremely organized, was even harder, as we fought over cleaning and things over the years. I still remember that phrase “alles in Ordnung,” which means “Everything is in order.” Now, I am a “neat freak” myself. I can stand some things around, temporarily, but you will no longer find a dirty bathroom or kitchen or tons of clothes hidden in the closet. What changed? My entire mindset.

Clean Your Mind First

When I was a messy person, I was depressed. I used to drink a LOT, and the hangovers were brutal. I stopped drinking heavily in 2015 and I found I had a lot of clear moments to plan and clean. All that time helped me really see the issue and make plans to change it. Incorporating minimalism into my life helped me to get rid of a lot of things I did not use, or wear. This helped me clean my closet. Lastly, veganism and cutting down on processed foods helped me clean my fridge. When you don’t need all the crap, trust me, you will do something about it.

Then, Clean Your Fridge

Cleaning my fridge was the easy part. I took everything out, threw away anything I did not need or use or that was spoiled. My experience was a tad harder as a candle maker because I had lots of bits of wax in my fridge from drying candles. I have no idea how it got EVERYwhere! I used a mixture of vinegar and lemon, but use any cleaner that you feel comfortable.

After cleaning everything, I restocked my shelves and even found some wildflower honey that we bought at some farmer’s market that I am totally going to use very soon. Overall, I feel far more at peace with my food options, and I know what is in there to eat. I can cut down on wasting food, and I can stay on track with my cooking. Next, I need some baskets!

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