Peace fam,

You know I love anything healthy and homemade, so I wanted to share a product that I became aware of recently from a new brand called Pintful.

Today, Pintful’s Peanut Butter launches on crowdfunding website Kickstarter. Pintful is the first and only natural, vegan, high-protein peanut butter claiming to be the healthiest peanut butter. Packing in 50% more protein than your standard peanut butter with the same taste you know and love. 

Link: Be One of the First Tasters of the World’s Healthiest Peanut Butter Starting at Only $6

Unlike big brands that add in unnecessary sugars, preservatives, palm oils, and hydrogenated oils, Pintful only uses natural, plant-based, and organic ingredients. It’s unique blend allows it to satisfy any special diet or health concerns. The peanut butter is all-natural, high in protein, vegan, non-gmo, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, keto-friendly, pet-friendly, and has no added sugar, oils, or preservatives.

Co-founder and Sports Nutritionist, Evan Laird, explains why Pintful is the healthiest peanut butter: “Not only is it made with all natural minimally processed ingredients, and better for your gut microbiome but when it comes to macro-nutrients no other peanut butter can compare. With 12 grams of sustainable plant-based protein (50% more than the average peanut butter) and 3 grams net carbs, we’re packing in as many good nutrients in every gram as possible while kicking unnecessary sugars, oils, and preservatives to the curb.”

Pintful was created to fuel a healthier lifestyle — allowing you to enjoy the peanut butter you know and love without having to feel guilty about sacrificing your health or diet to do so.

Eating more natural and fiber-rich foods such as green vegetables, fresh fruit, oats, and Pintful are proven to improve gut health. The state of your gut microbiome affects every aspect of your life from your digestion to blood sugar levels and mental clarity, to muscle recovery and more. As a result making it a must if you’re looking to improve your health, vitality, and strength inside and out.

Pintful goes beyond helping create a healthier and happier you, but also a healthier Earth. Using sustainable organic plant-based protein cuts down the use of preservatives and fertilizers. In the past 50 years, there has been a 20% increase in air pollution just from these preservatives and fertilizers. And while we love our planet, we also care about reducing animal cruelty, disease, and the use of growth hormones in slaughterhouses by using only sustainable plant-based protein in Pintful.

“Many snack food and peanut butter companies neglect entirely the harmful impact they have on animals, the planet, and its consumers. Although most products look healthier on the surface, in reality, it’s harming your gut and the environment around you.”

They are currently offering exclusive Pintful Power Packs which are 1 serving to-go pouches. But to really binge, Pintful has peanut butter available in pints (16 oz. jars). Get 1 on Kickstarter for an early bird special of $11 a jar or two for $22 plus shipping.

You can also learn more about Pintful on their website ( or social medias @pintfulpb.