SEO Audit Services

Comprehensive SEO Audit

A proper SEO requires not just a simple pull of data. We use tools such as SEM Rush and Screaming Frog, as well as Google Analytics to create a 126 point comprehensive SEO Audit. 

Our holistic audit with actionable insights, not just the data, will pinpoint technical issues, as well as the entire story for your website. 

On Page SEO Audit

  • URL structure
  • Title and description tag optimization
  • Original site copy usage

Technical SEO Audit

  • Site load speed
  • Structured data usage
  •  Error pages and 404 codes
  • Site HTTPS usage

Content Quality

  • YMYL Guidelines
  • Site has product E-A-T
  •  Site Archtecture
  • Content Optimization

Steps In Our Process

This is the stage where we take the time to fully understand your business and what you are trying to achieve. I will ask a few questions to get a better understanding of:

-what other digital marketing activities you’re doing
-who your main competitors are
-what your digital growth goals are
-what you have done/what you are doing to boost your online presence

This conversation isn’t one way. I will encourage you to ask us questions to help you to determine if we are the right agency for you.

Performing a comprehensive SEO audit is vital.

This will help me identify the issues that are stopping your webpages from ranking well within the search engine results pages (SERPs).

I  will provide actionable recommendations on completion and will perform a search engine optimization audit tailored to meet your needs, not a boilerplate plan sold to every client.

Based on our findings from stage 1 and 2, I will create a results-driven strategy tailored to your business.

I will continue to adjust our search engine optimization strategy based upon the results we achieve during your campaign. And I will always keep you updated on EVERYTHING I do, before I do it.

With an approved strategy in place, I will get to work. Your search engine optimization campaign will in the safe hands of our experienced search engine optimization specialists and I will maintain close contact with you every step of the way.

The data we collect allows us to transform insights into growth strategies.

I will create reporting and data audits that are easy to digest, then use that data to ensure the work we are doing is as effective as possible. If it’s working, I will keep doing it. If not, I will find out why and tweak and adjust the strategies accordingly.

Hire Me For Your SEO Audit

If you are interested in hiring me for your next SEO audit, please feel free to request a consultation. 

I can help audit the overall health of your website, find issues that could be hindering your performance, and valuable your business citations, back-links and overall online reputation.

Contact me to get an SEO audit of your site today.