Hey folks,

In an effort to hold myself accountable, I am doing monthly blog expense and income reports.

September Goals For Blogging

  • Posting schedule- Done
  • Social media post scheduling- Done
  • Researching food photography- Still looking
  • Increasing Pinterest reach- started
  • Growing traffic



My traffic went up across the board. With sessions users and pageviews all seeing an average 30% month over month. I have been posting more, and being more involved in Facebook groups. I am seeing that payoff .

Blog Income for September

African Goddess Coloring Book– $30.60

Amazon affiliate- $18.43

Google Adsense- I have decided to only include pay outs

Blog Expenses

WordPress hosting – $9.95


  • New theme design
  • Content
  • Food photography course
  • Buy new camera lens

So while I am making more than what I am spending. My income remains low as well as my traffic. Looking forward to next month.