Valentine’s Day is coming fast, and I really have not put much thought into purchasing a gift for my partner. We don’t typically celebrate it. I normally gather a group of girlfriends and have dinner, but my girls are all over the country. If I do celebrate, I am typically very sex positive. So I figured I would compile a little list of sex positive gifts for Valentine’s Day.

5 Sex Positive Gifts For Valentine’s Day

  1. Feminist Pro-Choice Buttons– Show your support, with these buttons. Also make sure you get involved 🙂

    Pro-Choice Feminist Buttons from Etsy $3.50.

  2. Love is Love T-shirt– The t-shirt is rather self-explanatory.

    Love is love is love T-Shirt from Etsy, $19.00.

  3. Donate to Planned Parenthood– Put your money where your mouth is. I donate monthly.

    Donate to planned parenthood! Website

  4. Body Positive Painting- I love art, and I do love nude paintings. I thought this one was so pretty.

    Body Positive Curvy Female Figure. Etsy, $20.00

  5. Sex Positive Books– There are so many great little sex positive books on

    It’s OK: A Few Things Everyone Should Know About Sex zine, Etsy, $2.00

    I love these gifts, and they are super duper cheap. While they may not arrive by Valentines ( I know, I am late!) but you can just get them anytime. I love buying from small businesses too. Support the little guy.

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