4 Uses For Coffee Grounds In Your Garden

I am still gardening, albeit less, given the cold weather. I have learned so much this year in regards to soil, watering, and fertiliser. I wondered, why don’t my plants make it harvest. They were always dying about halfway through the growing cycle. I changed the way I water things, and how I position them in sunlight but I had not figured out how to fertilise the soil. I like to use organic matter to fertilise my soil, so I do not rely on chemicals. I am trying to do everything organically because I frankly don’t see the point of growing my own food if it still has chemicals that I do not know in them.  I finally figured out I could use coffee ground directly in my garden and things have changed. I have since made a little infographic that I wanted to share so you can figure out uses for coffee grounds in your garden.

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uses for coffee grounds in your garden

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