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I wanted to write a little bit more now about website design and using website builders to build your blog. If you are a small blogger like me, you have probably considered using a website builder to save money. I design websites for friends and family, and I admit I love using them to save time, and money since I am giving heavily discounted rates for them.

Using Website Builders To Design Your Blog

As I mentioned, I have used website builders for others, but I did not use one for this current blog. I actually just took the time to learn some basic HTML and CSS to get it exactly the way I wanted, however, I did use a blog theme. Here are some examples I created using website builders:

This was used from Site Builder for my Father’s website:

Recently, I also found a website builder called, Bandzoogle, for music-specific websites. I used this builder to create this :


There are tons of website builders out there, and it is difficult to choose. I am glad that I came across this post about the 10 Best Website Builders. Web designer and developer, Robert Mening, has over 10 years experience designing websites, recommends his choices for the best website builders on the market. He first advises who website builders are for:

  • small business owners
  • writers
  • musicians
  • artists
  • photographers

Basically, anyone with a small budget who need a professional looking website. Website builders require little to no skill, and generally quite easy to navigate and create the website of your dreams. Below is his breakdown, for more information visit his full post.


I hope this information helps you to choose the right website builder for you!

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