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I made this recipe for vegan chili before, but since I have gotten my new camera lens, I decided to reach back and recreate some of the older recipes I have made. Seeing my older pictures of this vegan chili recipe… I am shocked I had the nerve to post them, but I do appreciate all the comments and shares.

Vegan Chili

Originally, this post for meal prep. When I first started on my vegan journey, it was easier for me to meal prep. Meal prepping helps you stay on track to make the right choices during the day. Where I live, fast food is everywhere, but when I have my lunch prepared, it’s so much easier to eat what I have, rather than slip and eat something terrible for me & the environment.  The weather is cooling a bit here in Georgia, and I had some cravings. I decided to buy some of the tofu at the store and just make a simple basic vegan chili.

The ingredients were rather inexpensive. I keep going to Fresh Market, and I love that everything seems really fresh, since I can’t make it to the farmers market all the time. It was really easy to make everything in one pot. I like these one-pot recipes! I also got a chance to use my food processor. I have issues cutting onions, and I like to make it quick.

I loved the organic beans I found, everything just tasted so fresh. I am really looking forward to lunch this week.

I am sure this will be great this week! Have you meal prepped chili before?

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