This year for halloween, we decided to lay low and have a nice movie night. This means we will be handing out candy to our neighbors ( I am rarely home on Halloween). I thought to myself; “there has to be vegan option for candy.” Low and behold there are several!

If you mosie on over to they urge you to look out for a few things since many candy manufacturers can be unclear if they are in fact vegan.

So, here is their list of vegan halloween candy:

1. Red Vines-

I LOVE me some red vines, and frankly I had come to a point where I did not care if they were vegan, but I googled it, and yes indeed they are! The sugar content is still problematic, but they still are a great treat.

2. Blow Pops-

I am kind of hyped these are vegan and will probably eat more if I didn’t just have a ton of dental work, LOL.

3. Air Heads

I used to love this candy so I included it here. I am sure this is not made of any man made ingredients, but next time I see them, I will have to check them out.

4. Dots

5. Pixie Sticks

These are just a few vegan halloween candy that is available so I made a little infographic for download. Add to your Pinterest or save for the future to know which candy is vegan friendly!

Happy Halloween!

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