Easy to prepare and very filling potato soup with kale. I loved this recipe, and it holds up for meal prep quite well, in addition to being a good detoxing soup…

I have been trying to incorporate more recipes that center around my little garden harvests. This recipe caught my eye especially. I found this potato soup recipe via Cookin Canuck.  This week I had some kale to make, so this was perfect.


So the next step was putting the soup together. I have to say, I hate meal prep. My mom must have just used my siblings and I now that I think about it growing up. I could use some helpers in the kitchen. Have to talk to the boyfriend about that, LOL. However, this potato soup was really easy once you finish chopping everything.

The ingredients were easy to find, and everything was cheap. I had some spices left over, so it cost me less than $10 for lunches or dinners for the week! You really can’t beat that. Veganism isn’t as expensive as people would like for you to think, you just have to get a little creative.

What I have learned is that I can’t take pictures of soup to save my life. I did buy a new camera, a fancy dslr, but I am still working in automatic mode. Not sure where I want to take my skills, because I didn’t mean for this to turn into a food blog. Anyways, here is the recipe below, and I hope you enjoy it!