Vegan Meal Prep

Vegan Meal Prep: Pad thai w/ Tofu

I started meal prepping after being around a friend who meal prepped extensively in order to stick to his diet. I thought, I should do the same in order to save some money and stick to the vegan lifestyle.


This week, I made vegan pad thai. I got the recipe from this website. I love making asian dishes. They seem to hold up very well over the week. I try my best not to microwave my food. I like cold food so that works for me. So this is this week’s meal. I had some for dinner, and it was amazing!

I won’t really list the recipe here. It was easy for me. I started with prepping the vegetables. I hate having to chop and then cook at the same time.

Put everything together in the pot and got to cooking.

I am not the best photographer, so I know there are mad shadows around these pictures. Someone stole my fancy Nikon.. boo! So I finally cooked the tofu and seasoned it a little, while I made the veggies.

While everything cooked, I made the sauce, which was really good by the way and very easy to make. Again the recipe is found here. I finished it all (moved the veggies and tofu to a bigger pan). I normally do not eat any for dinner, but this smelled so good I just had to.

Then of course I packed them up. This made 4 days of lunches. I usually reserve Friday for my own day where I pick up something around my job.

This was delicious and only took me one hour total to make. I would definitely try this one again, and now I am all set on lunches for the week!

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