Hey Folks,

I wanted to share a quick post of what I am growing this fall. I hope this helps your on your gardening journey.

What I am Growing This Fall

Prepping the Soil for my Fall Garden

For my first round of planting, I did not do anything with the soil. I didn’t compost, or use plant food. My plants did not grow very well at all. I was unable to harvest. This time I decided to buy plant food to help, I just don’t have the space to compost at this time.

Using Seeds AND Transplants

This time around I am going to use some seeds and some transplants. For the garlic, I am going to plant from some garlic I already had around the house, and the rest, I am using transplants.

Watering More

I have decided to make a real effort at watering my plants. I am moving them into sunlight, and I am really making an effort at getting harvest this time around. I am also growing Chives, Basil, Cilantro, Spinach and some Arugula.

What will you plant this fall? I am really looking forward to planting my garlic!