Why You Should Experience Asheville At Least Once in Your Lifetime

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I had heard great things about Asheville North Carolina, ever since I have moved to the South. The city was supposed to be similar to places like Portland, and Austin. I would describe those as hippy enclaves; eclectic vibes and people all living in one space. Nestled in west North Carolina, Asheville was only three hours drive from my place in the North of Atlanta.

I had made it a rather full weekend of activities, because we were celebrating my boyfriend’s birthday. He is an outdoorsy type, and I tried to accommodate his wishes. The first night, we would have dinner at sunset at The Omni Grove Park Inn, which was a gorgeous, award-winning hotel in the Blue mountains. Asheville is very small, and we only drove about 5 minutes to get there.

View taken from the table by – Kimberly Butler


Me sitting at dinner

They gave him a nice birthday dessert

We ordered some fish for him, since I am still trying to stick to a plant-based, mostly vegan diet. He loved it. The view was amazing, and clear. The weather was a bit chilly, but I felt just fine on the patio. We finished the night sitting near a giant fire place inside the hotel, where we had a night cap and went home.

The next day we missed breakfast, and decided to get some tacos. I love tacos! We found White duck taco, a cute little place, with some creative menu options.

Potato tacos-

We were supposed to go hiking to a waterfall after that, but we decided instead to walk in town. There were so many great shops, and people walking around in the gorgeous weather.

Found a great Neil Gaiman graphic novel

Later that day we headed to another romantic spot in town, Shoji retreat. I love hot tubs, and it was in the woods, so I felt it was perfect. We drove 10 minutes out of town into the mountains. It was quiet, and the staff was great. We didn’t need to bring anything, there were robes, showers, and shoes provided. I took some wine with us to celebrate the occasion. We watched the sunset through the trees, as we enjoyed our long soak together.

After the spa, we headed out to get some tapas at Zambras in town. The food was ok, but the place was cozy and full of people on a Saturday night.

Sunday, we headed downtown again to walk around. We parted ways, after a relaxing weekend. I loved the vibe in Asheville, and will definitely be back again someday.

Bohemian hotel

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