Surprise, I am not a Christian. I grew up in a large Baptist church where my family was deeply involved. My mother married into the pastor’s family, and we attended every single church service she could drag us to. As a child, I never fit into that group. I would get in trouble for reading books during the services while the pastor preached. My pastor was mostly unintelligible. I honestly never understood a word he said. My church members were the typical amoral hypocritical types you see at a lot of Black churches. There was cheating, out of wedlock children (where the women were shamed not the men) the pastor drove a Cadillac while many members were lower middle class or poor. There were rarely sermons about how to change that, not that I could understand them anyway. Once I started reading more and more about the Christ myth I went through stages. I was an agnostic, then atheist, then I gave it the old college try back when I was going to get married the first time, and now, I am just kind of learning and growing. I can respect Christians and others who believe, but the religion itself, no thank you.

So what do I do during the holidays? Well, I don’t buy a bunch of shit like a good little consumer that this society wants me to be but I figured this year I would try to show my friends and family that I do care about them, with my own little stank on it so to speak.

What is the Winter Solstice

The Winter solstice is the shortest day of the year if you are in the Northern Hemisphere, after this the days will get longer until we reach the Summer Solstice which is the longest day of the year. So basically celebrating this time is to celebrate the rebirth of the sun.  Ancient Egyptians set aside 12 days for their celebrations, the same can be said about many other ancient cultures. For me, it’s a time of renewal and preparation now for my spring garden. Like I said this year, I will try to be nice and send out some cards that I found on Etsy to my friends and family so that they can join in my celebration.

  1.  The I am “Heathen Card” – This is so cute, and funny at the same time.
  2. The “I May be a Godless Athiest” Card-
  3.  The “Return of the Sun” Card-
  4. Happy Heathen Holidays– Card
  5. And Finally, Happy Winter Solstice

All of these little options are great to show you care, but without having to step foot into a store, and adhere to your own beliefs. Hope you liked them.

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