yoga mat, blocks and pillows

How Yoga Helped Me Find My Calm

Hey Folks,

I hope you are having a good day where ever you are.  I just got done with a 30 day Yoga Challenge that I found on Youtube from Adriene. I decided to try it while I was fixing my back since I could not do “full workouts.” At first, I figured, it should be easy to try something with a little less impact. Yoga is hard AF! After the first few days, I was very sore from all the slow movements that I would normally just run through if I were in the gym doing a routine. Thankfully, I do lift weights, so it was not so bad. The hardest part was always remembering to breathe. Adriene is a great online instructor and really eases you into each pose. After each day, I felt rejuvenated.

Lately, I have been seeing a therapist. For about a year now. I have been in therapy before, but this is a new round after returning back to the States. The therapy itself has been great as I think it’s another way to find balance in my life. My therapist kept mentioning yoga. I tend to worry a lot about things that could happen or could not happen to me, she refers to it as anxiety, I just thought I was covering my bases given I have little to no safety net. She said meditation and just yoga might be a great way to stop my mind from thinking. So yoga has been on my mind for a while. Finding this free resourced helped.

Yoga helps me just to focus on my breath. All the thoughts of my job, my relationship, and my friends go out the window. I am not thinking about any of it. Even the overwhelming disappointment with having to return to the States, especially after this political election, goes away. That was hard. If you are like me, you consume an incredible amount of information every day, and it is tough to not think about some new law or policy or some tragic accident that people will be affected by it.

Doing yoga for 30 days has helped me find a calmness in my life I have not experienced sober, I have to admit. Every day after work I am excited to pull out my mat.  The worry from the day washes off, and my only concern is not falling over on the balancing postures.

Thank you for reading,