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15 Things to Do Instead Of Spending Money (Infographic) - Kim Blogs

15 Things to Do Instead Of Spending Money (Infographic)

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The season of hyper-consumerism is almost over, thank goodness. I did not buy any gifts for anyone. I don’t celebrate, so I hope my friends and family understand that I won’t be doing anything. Perhaps next year with all these DIY’s I am doing, I will just send some handmade gifts.  Don’t let this season convince yourself to spend money you certainly don’t have. If you need some ideas on what to do instead of spending money, I made a little infographic for reference below.

15 Things to Do Besides Spending Money

    1. Cook Something- If you have some food in your house, cook it! I love to cook, and I love finding new recipes to make. Growing up poor, I am also very adept in making something out of nothing like my mother used to. So if you have some food in your fridge, go ahead and make something. 
    2. Meditate- Take some time to breathe and take in the day. Meditation has been a game changer for me. It has helped me just to live exactly in the moment, and to be a little bit more grounded.
    3. Read A Book- When is the last time you read a book. The printed word to me is so important in these times where pictures and videos rule. I remember being a child and using books to escape the world around me, or to learn something new. I try to pick up a new book every month and read it. 
    4. Draw/Color- So many adult colouring books out there. I am developing one right now, and I am super excited. Colouring is so therapeutic for me.
    5. Go to the Library- This relates back to the book idea, except the library can be a whole new experience. I love the events they have there. I went to see Sistah Soldier speech one time. Check out the events at your local library. They are so interesting.
    6. Go for a Walk- I love to just go for walks. I talk about it more in this post.
    7.  Dance- Put on your favourite playlist and dance around your house. Anyone that knows me personally, knows I don’t dance much in public, but trust I am putting down my moves in my apartment.
    8. Listen to Music- This fits into dance, but for those who may just be in “chill mode.” I love finding new music and sitting down and listening to it. I start with Truth Seekers Radio
    9. Watch a Documentary- When I am not reading, I do love to watch any new documentaries I can find. I typically start with documentary storm or something like that. I also love again, Secret Energy for this. They have a great collection of really interesting documentaries. Check out this short below:

10. Play a Board Game- When we were kids my Mom used to have a ton of board games around that kept my siblings and I very busy. I remember playing monopoly, chess, the game of life, and so many more.

11. Write In Your Journal- I have been keeping journals since I was a kid. It is so interesting to read some of the excerpts. I think keeping a journal is so important. It helps me realise how far I have come in my life.

12. Make a Vision Board- Last year, I made a vision board, and this year I plan to do the same. I cannot believe how many things I was able to accomplish with this board. I have to say, it was really a surprise. I cannot wait to make a new one for 2017!

13. Clean Your House- I used to be a really messy person. I think this was in response to have a neat freak mother. As soon as I got out of the house, I just decided to leave everything everywhere. After living with a boyfriend, I had to clean my act up. Now, I love when my apartment is clean and neat.

14. Work Out- This has been my go-to for most of the year. Moving around and sweating is such a stress relief for me, and it is free, given that I have a gym in my apartment complex.

15. Call a Friend- I love to actually speak to my friends. Sometimes things get lost in text messages. Make sure you are calling your friends, and hearing their voices, and maybe… seeing them in person.

What are some thing you are doing that help save you money?

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