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5 Thoughts from My Ayahuasca Experience - Kim Blogs

5 Thoughts from My Ayahuasca Experience

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Hey Everyone,

I used to live in Berlin Germany for about 3 1/2 years. There I met some interesting people that led me to try ayahuasca. Wiki defines the brew  “as a traditional spiritual medicine in ceremonies among the Indigenous peoples of Amazonian Peru, many of whom say that they received the instructions in its use directly from the plants and plant spirits themselves.” I was curious after I read this, and received such rave reviews from people around me who I respected, and started to do some research.

1. There were no shortages of “Shamans”

Like most things, the groups that provide the experience have commodified the experience. That means there were plenty of groups charging heavy fees for the experience. I easily found a group operating in the hear of Berlin. I heard that the only real way to try was in Peru with a Shaman. The group I found had a Shamaness flown out. She only spoke Spanish, and seemed to know her stuff (as if I would know).

 2. Your Mindset is Key 

This experience is not about getting “fucked up.” It’s supposed to provide clarity. I honestly do not think I was in the right mind set at all. I had never successfully meditated. I had not really tried. I just thought it would be a magical cure all for my life. I was faced with having to move back to the United States, I had no romantic relationship at the time, and I was just confused about where my life was going. Ayahuasca will not do that for you. At least it did not do that for me. I think it is best used as a tool.

3. Small Groups Are Important

I went alone, which was recommended, but there was a huge group. That was distracting for me. There had to be at least 60 other people there. The line was long, and I felt really disconnected to the other people there. I am used to being the only woman of African descent in Berlin, but it just felt odd to me that no other person of color, besides the Shamaness were there. I felt that it would be a far better experience for me, if I felt apart of a group in some way. I think going with a friend or date would not have been great for me either, but at least getting to know people would have been nice.

4. Take a Few Days Off

After my experience with ayahuasca, I was out of it for abou two days. It definitely had an affect. I was told to not drive home. I took a cab back. I felt like I was floating. I finally came back down in about 24 hours. I would say definitely gauge how you feel with each dose you decide to take. Do not go to work, I would not recommend that.

5. Keep an Open Mind

I would say finally to keep an open mind. This might just not work for you, you might want to keep trying, or perhaps find another path. The experience for me was something to say I did it. I would probably try it again, but perhaps in Peru to give it an authentic experience.

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