My Travels: My Tulum/Cenotes Tour

While visiting Mexico, I wanted to make sure we did something different besides drinking and chilling in the compound. My boyfriend is the outdoors type, so we found this tour in Tulum that allowed us to see the old Mayan ruins as well as the cenotes. Cenotes are basically underground caves. Tulum is full of limestone, and these are points where the limestone has collapsed. The water is fresh but cold.

We used Altournative tours. They were easy to book and came right the hotel. Our tour guide, Miguel, spoke English and Spanish, and was very friendly. He gave us a lot of little tidbits about Tulum and the caves. Like most colonial places, Tulum was not actually called this by the Maya. This roughly translates to the smelly land fortress, we were told. The Maya called it Zama, which means City of Dawn, because it faces the sun. We went first thing in the morning, thank goodness, because that place was full of tourists.

I could only take so much of the heat, despite being literally built for this weather. I simply could not take all the humidity and standing. We departed from the group and went to eat some ceviche and drink some beer as we waited for the next leg of our trip. We all gathered to go to the Cenotes next. I was not sure to expect. I had no idea we would be zip lining, and swimming and cave diving all at the same place.

I was honestly scared to death to do the cave diving as any normal human would. The rest of the activities were just fine with me. We started with the caves first. We had to do a Mayan purification ceremony, with a real Shaman. I noticed he was using a crystal that I had. He was burning something similar to sage, and lit some candles. We said a few things, and we were off to dive in the caves.

The best part of the day was swimming in the caves. The water was cool, and we were able to really see what was going on under there. I have seen way too many horror films, so my first expectation was to see some sort of monster, but thankfully that was not the case. We went as a group, and that was my major drawback. Most people seemed to be other Americans from the United States and one Spanish couple from Spain. It was one thing to move around the enormous property, but then to wait for each activity, I am not exactly the most patient person.

After three rounds of zip lining, snorkeling in the caves, and cave diving, we were offered a lunch by the descendants of Mayans. That was the best meal I had all trip. The food at the resort was mostly disgusting, and it was nice to get a home-cooked meal. I loved this part of my Mexico vacation. It was not normally something I would do, but I am glad we had the experience.

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