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 Peace, and thanks for coming to my blog. “Kim blogs” is a growing resource for those interested in vegan recipes, natural living, gardening, crystal healing, and mindful (conscious) living!

What is Kim Blog’s About?

After living outside of the United States for a few years, I found myself drawn to a healthier lifestyle. I wanted to share this journey along the way. This blog is for all people interested in living their best life.



Vegan Recipes

Vegan recipes that I put my own spin on as well as canning recipes/ fermentation.

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Crystal Healing

Learn to harness the energy of the Sun, the Moon, and the oceans, semi-precious stones connect us to Earth as soon as we come into contact with them.

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Natural Home / DIY-

Tips, tutorials, recipes and remedies to help you replace harmful household chemicals with natural (inexpensive) alternatives.

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Natural Beauty Recipes

Keep your hair and skin healthy and beautiful with DIY natural beauty recipes and tutorials. Make your own lotions, salves, sprays, makeup and more.

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Follow me as I learn to garden in an urban small space.

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Blogging / Starting Your Own Blog

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Mindful (Conscious) Living-

Meditation, yoga, sound and light healing & and other ways to achieve balance in your life.

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Zero Waste– Cutting down on waste, and learning to recycle.

Natural Remedies

Hundreds of homemade remedies that you can make to keep your family healthy or fight a cold if it strikes. Salves, syrups, tinctures & detox baths.

(Coming Soon)

Motherhood– (Coming Soon!)

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