Vegan Meal Prep: Marinara Pasta w/ Tofu

Meal prepping is something new for me. I work a typical 9-5 job, and I work out every day, however, my diet has always been my downfall. Upon my return to the United States, I vowed never to eat meat again, given the low standards we have for meat production in comparison to countries like Germany. Now, almost a year later, I have stuck to that promise. I now strive to not consume any animal products. This is my way doing my part for the environment, and for my health. It is certainly NOT easy living in the South East, but I have found when I make and plan my own meals for the week, things became a lot easier.

I am now on my third week of meal planning. I normally stick to some sort of pasta dish, or rice with veggies. In addition to meal prep, I also juice prep. I just put all the things I want to juice in plastic bags for breakfast and lunch each day. So far so good. No sneaking and eating cheese, plus I get my time back that I would have been spending on making food.

Made little baggies labeled lunch, dinner, breakfast- Helps me juice faster

I used this juice website for juice recipes, but there are loads of websites featuring more recipes. This website just helped me get started. I meal prepped meals that could hold up over a few days. I made a vegan spaghetti  and some vegan stir fry for the first week, and it worked out just fine. I wasn’t tired of eating the same thing. I would take the pasta in the morning, and then switch it up.

I have felt so much better, when I work out now, and I can stick to my diet lifestyle perfectly.  I am serious about getting in the best shape and health of my life as I enter my “dirty 30s.” I think the biggest drawback is that I have to cook all that in one day, and I want to eat it all! I hope this inspires you in your fitness journey.

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