We have to get involved

There is so much trouble in the world, as the late great Bob Marley used to sing. That song could have easily been made today.  The United States was built on racism and white supremacy from the slaughter of indigenous people, to the enslavement of African people, Jim Crow laws, and now the New Jim Crow criminal justice we have today. This past week has been hard to watch. From the videos from Baton Rouge to Minneapolis. Watching a person die, at the hands of someone who was sworn to protect and serve has me wondering if things will ever change here.

Courtesy of Mr. Fish from the Truthdig website (copyright)

I watched my social media. Many people called for leaving. I have left, trust me racism/white supremacy will follow you whereever you go. While in Germany, you will most likely never even see a police officer with a gun, I had to deal with housing and job discrimination. I haven’t lived everywhere, I am sure there are places where a African person can live a good life. I hope that all people have access to that ability. There seems to be so many larger problems we need to address in addition to the racism/white supremacy issue. Global warming, access to clean water, health care as a human right, corporatism, and proper WORLD education (rather than the Eurocentric viewpoint that is shoved down our throats).

I don’t know the answer, but I felt I could no longer sit at home. I try to do my part. I eat a plant-based vegan diet ( lower carbon footprint), I grow my own veggies, I have a side hustle, I buy second hand or fair trade, I don’t go to the malls, I donate and volunteer where I can, I have a small car, and take the train where I can, but I haven’t actually marched since I have returned to the States. I marched against gentrification in Berlin, if you were wondering. These recent shootings changed it for me. When I saw there was a march in downtown Atlanta, I jumped at the chance to go. I called my boyfriend to let him know where I was (and for bail money just in case), got some water, markers, and paper, and drove down.

Despite the Dallas problems, I was not afraid of that or jail. I have already been arrested. I knew if I was I would get out soon. I just had to do something in addition to what I do on a daily. I encourage everyone to challenge the status quo in whatever way you can. This world as we know it is not sustainable. Do your part, and get involved!

I hear people talking about how marching does not work. I agree, just marching does not work. It takes YOU getting involved, changing your habits, educating yourself, and being the change YOU want to see. It is easy to read about this, or comment, or retweet, but if you ain’t changing shit, how can you have a voice?

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